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Power Maxed is a revolutionary new range of automotive products. Our only aim is to be the best, nothing comes before that. We have developed our products not just to be better than others but to be the best they can be. As far as we are concerned only quality counts and once you have tried Power Maxed you won’t want to use anything else.

Power Maxed

When we make a product only the very best is good enough, that means we source and use the very best ingredients and then with years of experience behind us we blend them to what we believe to be the best recipe so you end up with the results you expect at a price you can afford. After all, if a product is cheap and it doesn’t do the job you want it to do surely you can’t get more expensive than that!? We are that confident that ours will do the job you want it to do we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all of our products, if you are not happy with the results simply send it us back along with your receipt and we will give you your money back.

Some companies go overboard on their packaging investing a lot of money to make it look nice, only for you to be disappointed with the results of the product. We have done enough to make our packaging vibrant and to stand out but again quality comes first, we use the best available trigger sprays with line and mist spray with fluorinated bottles to stop panelling (misshaping) and we know you will not be disappointed with the results of the product as that’s where we would rather the money went, into making the product the very best it can be.

Many of our products in the valet range are concentrated creating extreme value for money with items such as our Traffic Film Remover which you can dilute up to 50-1 so the 5L will make 250 litres of ready to use product.

These products before coming to market have all been tested and used by some of the world’s best race teams to make sure they live up to ours and their demanding requirements. It comes as no surprise that they always live up to expectation.

So if you are looking for winning results, when nothing less than best will do, you need to look out for Power Maxed products as they’re the one’s for you.

13th & 14th August 2016

Rounds 19, 20, 21 - Knockhill

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